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The Greater King David Baptist Church enjoys a rich and glorious history dating back to 1922.  The church, which derived its name from one of Biblical history’s greatest kings, King David, evolved out of a division within the New Light Baptist Church.  The newly established church, located at 519 Crane Street, was consecrated in 1922 and consisted of approximately thirty-two members.  During its formative years, King David Baptist Church, as it would later be called, also carried the name “New Light Baptist Church.” This duality continued until 1925, when the Fourth District Association refused to register two churches bearing the same name.


It was at this juncture that the founding father and first Pastor, the late Reverend Willie Wheeler, along with the Benevolence Society (which shared the Crane Street facility) decided to name the new church “King David Baptist Church and Benevolence Society.” The church would retain this name for the next fifteen years.


Reverend Wheeler organized the first Deacon and Deaconess Boards and continued to serve as Pastor until 1926.  He was succeeded by the late Reverend Joe Martin.  Under Reverend Martin’s leadership, the congregation continued to grow in number and maturity.


The third Pastor, the late Reverend A.D. Alexander, was elected in 1928 and is credited with organizing the Senior Choir, Senior Usher Board, Floral Club, Pastor’s Aid Club, and the Home Mission.  Reverend Alexander moved to Chicago in 1932, at which time the late Reverend Louis Brown was elected Pastor.


In 1940 under Reverend Brown’s pastorate, the church and the Benevolence Society parted ways and the church’s name was shortened to “King David Baptist Church.”


The accelerated growth necessitated the construction of a larger edifice at the Crane Street location.  Construction was completed in 1947 and other organizations were added under Reverend Brown’s leadership: the Junior Choir, Junior Usher Board, Cherubim Choir, and the Baptist Training Union.  Reverend Brown was called to rest in September of 1951.


The Church elected the late Reverend Isaiah H. Warner as Pastor in 1952, and under his leadership an educational building was constructed. Reverend Warner, however, envisioned a day when the Crane Street facility would no longer be able to accommodate an ever-growing King David Family, and with that vision in mind, a building fund was established.  The goal of the building fund was to acquire land and construct a facility, which would meet the demands of an expanding educational  program and a growing membership. Through the grace of God, property was purchased and construction of the new edifice began in the spring of 1973.


Through many trials and tribulations, the beautiful edifice that we now occupy at 222 Blount Avenue was completed and consecrated in 1975.  It was at this time that the church’s name was officially changed to the "Greater King David Baptist Church”. 


Greater King David Baptist Church continued to grow under Reverend Warner’s leadership, and several additional auxiliaries were established: The Young Adult Choir, Christian Board of Education, Boy Scouts, Brotherhood Ministry, Sisterhood Ministry, Birth Month Clubs, Usher Board #2 and Deaconess Board #2.  Reverend Warner retired in 1988 and was called home to rest in October of 1989. 


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The sixth and current Pastor, Reverend John E. Montgomery, II, was elected in 1988. Pastor Montgomery brought to the church the “Movement” which involves the Master, His Mind,   Mission, Means, and Methods.  It is a way of life at Greater King David and covers the total church.  This “Movement” has given birth to the “Movement of Christ Ministries,” where we are “Reaching the World Through the Word and Work of Christ.” Since assuming his duties, Pastor Montgomery has established new programs, enhanced existing programs, and revised many previously abandoned programs.


In April of 1992, under Pastor Montgomery’s visionary leadership, Greater King David Baptist Church formally extended its evangelical “Movement” into the inner city portion of Baton Rouge at 7305 Harry Drive.  Three years later, on April 2, 1995, the Greater King David Family dedicated unto the Lord the Inner City’s new edifice.  Due to tremendous growth in membership, the sanctuary was soon enlarged. Additional chairs were purchased and the pulpit area was redesigned. Ultimately, we were prompted to hold two worship services at this location, at 7:00am and 8:30am while continuing the 11:00am worship service at the Main Location each Sunday Morning.  We now have in excess 4,650 members, and we are continuously growing and reaching new heights. 


In an effort to accommodate our continuously growing church family and community, Greater King David purchased land (two acres adjacent to our inner city location and a half acre next to the main location), a Corporate Office Building which houses various outreach ministries and office spaces, and have built an additional parking lot with 92 more parking spaces at our Main Location.  Other major purchases included additional property, one church bus, one handicap van, five regular 15-passenger vans, two tractors and one car.  Greater King David also provides full   programs of Christian education including a Nursery and Preschool Academy, Saturday Church School, Sunday School, BTU, Noon Day Bible Study, Evening Bible Study (including children, youth and adult classes), Prayer Service, Vacation Bible School, Summer Enrichment Program, and Prison Ministry.

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